SOCMA 3tons 3t Lithium Electric Forklift


SOCMA 3tons 3t lithium  battery electric forklift

Rated load 3 tons 

Various attachment available 

Advantage of lithium battery electric forklift  


The difference between lithium electric forklift and traditional electric forklift is not only the replacement of batteries. Lithium ion battery and lead-acid battery are the power lithium battery of two different systems, and the battery is not too good in the same principle. The lead-acid battery forklift replacing lithium-ion battery forklift battery is not a simple switch. It includes a complete set of system matching and technical support. It is a transformation of new technology and structure, which requires sufficient technical reserves and relevant experience accumulation. Except for a few companies, the overall technical level of electric forklifts in China is not high. To really get involved in this field, relevant companies must break through some technical bottlenecks, such as battery consistency, power management system (BMS) matching, etc.


First, the consistency of the battery. Power lithium battery products should have high consistency to achieve safety, high energy density and good high and low temperature performance. The fully automatic production line adopted by the company has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed and high degree of intelligence, which ensures the accurate control of intelligent automation in the process of battery production and the consistency of battery production. 2、 Power management system (BMS) compatibility. As an electronic component for real-time monitoring, automatic balancing and intelligent charging and discharging, battery management system plays an important role in ensuring safety, prolonging service life and estimating residual power. It is an indispensable part of power and energy storage batteries. Through a series of management and control, ensure the safe and normal operation of batteries and vehicles.


Lithium ion battery manufacturers remind that there is no problem when using lithium-ion batteries normally, but even if the technical level of lithium-ion batteries is very high, there are small potential safety hazards, such as leakage or even explosion if the lithium-ion batteries are not used properly. Therefore, the development of lithium-ion battery forklift is the general trend. When choosing lithium-ion batteries, we must identify the brand. At present, many domestic brands do not have formal qualifications. Although the price is cheap, after-sales cannot be guaranteed. Lithium ion battery brand, whose products have been tested by many manufacturers with quality assurance. The above are the advantages of lithium-ion battery forklift. Everything has content. I hope it can help you with your reference.   

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