SOCMA 5 Tons 5t Lithium Electric Forklift


SOCMA 5 tons 5t electric forklift with lithium battery

Rated load: 5,000 kgs

Load center: 500mm


How to correctly select the electric forklift according to the working conditions?


There are four aspects to consider when purchasing an electric forklift:


1. The weight of the goods


       Electric forklifts are available in different tonnages, ranging from 1.0 to 3.5 tons. When choosing an electric forklift, users should first know the weight of the goods they want to carry, and then choose an electric forklift accordingly.


An analogy: if your cargo weighs 2.0 tons, then you will definitely not be able to use a 1.6 or 1.8-ton electric forklift; buying a 3.0-ton electric forklift is a waste, after all, a 3.0-ton electric forklift and a 2.0-ton electric forklift


The price of moving forklifts varies considerably.


2. Shelf height


      In order to standardize management and save land, most users will use shelves to place raw materials, which involves the lifting height of electric forklifts. The lifting height of the fork must be able to meet the


Unloading and shoveling on the shelves. However, some people have different standards when calculating fork lift height. Some people calculate the lift height of the fork from the upper surface of the fork, and some people calculate it from the lower surface of the fork.


Calculate the lift height of the fork. In this way, it is very likely that the purchased electric forklift cannot be used because the height of the rack does not match the lifting height of the forklift. This is the problem that Manager Zhang encountered.


Of course, if there are no shelves, and the raw materials are placed on the ground, this issue does not need to be considered.


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