SOCMA 6 Tons 6t Lithium Electric Forklift


SOCMA 6 tons 6t electric forklift with lithium battery

Rated load: 6,000 kgs Load

center: 500mm Contact



How to correctly select the electric forklift according to the working conditions?





. Right angle stacking channel width


      Simply put, it is the safe aisle width that the electric forklift can turn 90 degrees in the aisle. The placement of most warehouse shelves is carefully calculated to maximize the limited space.


Put more shelves, put more goods. This involves the problem of electric forklifts turning at right angles between the shelves. Manager Zhu introduced that the width of the right-angle stacking aisle of the electric forklift is calculated by the vehicle design parameters


It is concluded that the width of right-angle stacking passage = turning radius + front overhang + length of fork/pallet + safety gap (about 20cm in the front and rear of the safety gap). For these parameters, the user does not need to be too serious,


Each electric forklift will provide its own right-angle stacking aisle width, which can be used as long as the user knows that the width between their racks is smaller than the right-angle stacking aisle width of the electric forklift.


Pallete size


      This is especially important for users who already use a lot of trays. The specifications of the pallet will also affect the selection of electric forklifts. For different pallets, the corresponding electric forklift should be selected.


For example, with a pallet of 1200*1000mm (length*width), you should choose an electric forklift with a load center of 600mm corresponding to the tonnage, otherwise it would be a pity to eliminate a large number of pallets because of an electric forklift.


      When purchasing an electric forklift, there are other places that we need to pay attention to, such as the height of the warehouse door and the height of the container should be higher than the height of the forklift; users who work in three shifts,


When purchasing an electric forklift, it is also necessary to consider whether an additional battery is required; the rated load loss of the electric forklift after the goods are lifted to a certain height, that is, the load curve; special industries, such as cold storage with very low temperature, for electric forklifts


The requirements for moving forklifts will be higher; if the truck is to work on the floor, it must be considered how much weight the floor can bear per square meter; also need to consider a road surface problem, the customer's road surface is uneven, slope, right


The wear and tear on the wheels and motor is great.

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