SOCMA HNL-07EL 0.7t Mini Electric Wheel Loader




    Four-wheel drive, full power. The whole machine has a compact structure and flexible operation. The structural parts of the whole machine are optimized, stable, and reliable.

A reliable battery, drive motor and electrical accessory system, advanced AC controller and CANbus data bus technology ensure the durability and long endurance of the equipment.

The cover of the whole machine can be turned over to facilitate maintenance. The system maintenance items are simple and convenient, saving maintenance time and labor costs. Families can charge by themselves, which is convenient and safe to use.

The operating device is designed with ergonomics, comfortable operation, and stable driving. The whole machine protection frame provides full safety protection for drivers.

The pure electric system has the advantages of high efficiency, zero exhaust emission, low noise, environmental protection, and energy saving. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use at a lower cost.

A variety of accessories can be selected to meet the needs of various working conditions such as loading, forking, grass clamping, snow pushing, cleaning, drilling, hoisting, and so on.


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