SOCMA HNL-50EL 5t Electric Wheel Loader


SOCMA 5T Lithium Battery Electric Wheel Loader:

SOCMA 5t electric wheel loader 

Has 282 degrees electricity 

One hour full charged can work for eight hours. 

High security 

High reliability 

High stability 

Ultra low power consumption


Basic parameters of the whole machine

Bucket capacity range (m3): 2.7-4.0

Rated load (kg): 5000

Operating weight (kg): ≈17000

Maximum traction force (KN): 155±3

Maximum breakout force (KN): >170

Overall dimensions (L*W*H): 8115x3000x2480

Unloading height (mm): 3062/3458

Wheelbase (mm): 3230

Track (mm): 2240

Car body turning angle(°): 35

Maximum gradeability (°): 28


Driving speed (Km/h) for lithium battery power wheel loader

                            Low speed I   Low speed II    High speed I    High speed II

Froward(Km/h)      7                     14                    30                    57

Reverse(Km/h)       7                     14                    30                    57


Battery power system for 5t pure electric wheel loader

Battery type: Lithium iron phosphate

Working environment temperature (℃): 35-60

Thermal management method:  Heating film heating, water cooling

Rated power storage (kWh): 141/282

Rated capacity (Ah): 228/456

Charging time (h):  fast charge: 1.2-2.5 / slow charge: 8-10 (according to the power of the charging pile)

Charging method: single gun independent charging / double gun simultaneous charging

Operating voltage range (V): 480-700

Cycle life (25 ℃, 100% SOC): 4000 times, capacity attenuation <30%

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