What Is The Future Market Of Electric Machinery



For new energy, everyone knows Tesla the most. Recently, Tesla’s share price has risen by more than 7% to US$641.76. The company's total market value has exceeded US$600 billion for the first time, reaching US$608.3 billion (about 3.9 trillion yuan). , The market value increased by 40.4 billion US dollars (about 264.3 billion yuan) in one day. In other words, Tesla's market value has exceeded 3 Toyota vehicles.

Why is the market value of Tesla so high? The stock price is a manifestation of imagination. From a mid- to long-term perspective, the new energy Tesla Motors is because of the broad growth space. It shows that Tesla represents the direction of new energy in the future.

In October of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published a letter on the response to Proposal No. 1535 of the third meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Promote the electrification of construction machinery and heavy trucks. The implementation of this national policy has attracted great attention from the construction machinery industry!

The general trend of construction machinery electrification

The main products of the construction machinery industry include concrete machinery, construction crane machinery such as truck cranes, truck-mounted cranes; road machinery such as road rollers, excavators, loaders, etc.

Most construction machinery and equipment are mostly fuel-powered. Under the trend of environmental protection, in recent years, construction machinery has ushered in a wave of electrification around the world. Many construction machinery companies have begun to accelerate their transformation and have deployed in the field of electrification, including excavators, Loaders, aerial work platforms and other fields have penetrated.

Lithium batteries do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances, and are more green and environmentally friendly. At the same time, they greatly reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, lithium batteries are the development trend of the industry as a power source.

Implement electrification of construction machinery

On the other hand, unlike diesel engine-driven engineering machinery and equipment, the battery system and electric motor system do not require maintenance and replacement during the entire life cycle of the machine, which will also greatly save maintenance time, material and labor costs.

As the energy-saving and emission reduction situation of construction machinery products is more severe, the state has compiled the Action Plan to Promote the Electricity of Vehicles in the Public Domain, which has focused on deployment of pilot applications. One is to promote the promotion and application of new energy heavy trucks. The second is to carry out pilot projects for fully electrified cities in key regions, and the third is to accelerate the development of pure electric construction machinery to achieve the goal of reaching more than 55% of electric forklifts during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and actively promote the application of lithium power batteries to further reduce costs and improve life. In the next step, it will jointly issue and implement the "Action Plan for Promoting the Electrification of Public Sector Vehicles" in conjunction with relevant departments to accelerate the electrification of construction machinery and heavy trucks.


With the gradual advancement of the policy of the Action Plan to Promote the Electricity of Public Vehicles, the trend of environmental protection has become stricter, and the development of construction machinery to more environmentally friendly electrification is the general trend. Many domestic construction machinery companies will "eyes" on construction machinery Electricity, it is expected that electric construction machinery will have a qualitative and quantitative leap in the next 5 years.

The electrification of construction machinery is attacking you and me at a speed beyond imagination.

Since 2017, SOCMA has invested in the research and development and industrialization of pure electric drive construction machinery. It is one of the earliest companies dedicated to electrification in China. It has developed:

Electric construction machinery series

Extended type electric construction machinery series

Cable power type and dual mode supply

Electric crawler excavator series

At the same time, intelligent unmanned and big data platforms for electric engineering machinery are under development.

The first-generation three test machines of SOCMA have been tested in actual working conditions ranging from hundreds of hours to two thousand hours, collecting valuable data and experience.

SOCMA is engaged in powertrain control technology, composite energy storage technology, multi-mode power supply technology, mechatronics-hydraulic integration matching, energy recovery, high-voltage safety technology, reliability, fault diagnosis and key components (motor drive system, electric drive power coupling And shifting technology, integrated management control system) and other aspects have achieved rich results, for the industrialization of electric engineering machinery to create a solid foundation.

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