Why SOCMA's telescopic series forklifts are favored by customers?



Firstly, it is SOCMA’s innovation capability. SOCMA's telescopic series forklifts use full localization components which is mostly developed by itself.

Secondly, SOCMA can customize the design according to the actual needs of users. 

Thirdly, it is SOCMA’S Q&C capability. Smart Robots are used in production; quality control runs through the whole process of manufacturing. As well as use quenched and tempered high-strength steel plate, independently research and development bridge box and structural parts; Power, motor and hydraulic components all adopt well-known brands component. 

SOCMA HNT50H telescopic forklift has a rated capacity of 5 tons, maximum extension distance is 5.9 meters, maximum working height is 8.8 meters, and maximum travelling speed can reach 25Km/h. The three-stage-boom can be telescoped freely, and forklifts can be equipped with cargo forks, buckets, handing jibs, lifting arms and other attachments. The precision control of lifting, telescoping and tilting actions is realized through the pilot. Coupled with optimized center of gravity and bridge load distribution, there is a torque limiter to ensures safety and stability of operation. Because of its pretty appearance, good matching and nice overall coordination, it is well received by domestic and foreign users.

SOCMA telescopic forklift from 2.5 tons mini-telehandler to 32 tons heavy telehandler, lifting height from 7 meters to 17 meters, from fixed telescopic boom to rotary telescopic boom, from two-drive to four-wheel drive, from diesel to electric machine, is the most comprehensive in localization material handling industry., and also the most complete in product series.

Innovation makes SOCMA great!


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