SOCMA America: Your Strategic Partner for Material Handling and Construction Solutions in North and South America

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of SOCMA, SOCMA America plays a pivotal role in serving the machinery industry in North and South America. With a well-defined functional framework, SOCMA America is committed to providing comprehensive support and solutions to our valued customers in the region.

Marketing Center - Bridging North and South America

SOCMA America operates as a dynamic marketing center, strategically connecting the machinery markets of both North and South America. Our dedicated team focuses on driving sales and expanding market reach in these diverse regions. We take pride in offering valuable insights and recommendations regarding machinery equipment and products. Whether you need assistance with product selection, technical support, or advice, our experts are readily available to assist you.

Moreover, our marketing center extends its services to provide crucial accessory and spare parts support. We understand that the smooth operation of your processes relies on access to essential components and accessories. Thus, we ensure that our customers have access to the necessary parts to maintain operational efficiency.

After-Sales Service Center - Your Reliable Partner

At SOCMA America, we don't just stop at sales; we provide unwavering after-sales support. Our service center is equipped to handle all aspects of equipment maintenance, servicing, and routine upkeep. In a testament to our confidence in the quality of our products, we proudly showcase prototypes for customers to examine and test. Should you encounter any challenges related to product usage or maintenance, our dedicated team is poised to offer swift solutions.

Financial Hub - Ensuring Seamless Transactions

Effective financial management is a cornerstone of any successful business. SOCMA America recognizes this, and our financial hub takes charge of overseeing all financial transactions related to the North American market. This includes managing income, expenses, financial reporting, and budgeting. We also facilitate financial transactions with our customers and suppliers, ensuring that financial processes and transactions flow seamlessly to support our operations in the North American market.

In conclusion, SOCMA America assumes a pivotal role in serving the machinery industry in both North and South America. Our marketing center bridges these markets, our after-sales service center delivers reliable support, and our financial hub ensures the smooth flow of financial transactions. We stand as your trusted partner for all your machinery equipment and product needs, committed to exceeding your expectations in every way. Choose SOCMA America for a seamless blend of excellence in service and product quality, as we help you thrive in the competitive landscapes of the United States and South America.

Qualification certificate

Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services beyond customer expectations, as customers'partners. This is the service concept that we have always adhered to and advocated.

Main business

Fujian Southchina Heavy Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd.(SOCMA) was found in 2010, who is dedicating the research and development of material handling equipment and construction machinery.

The current products ranges cover:  

1. material handling equipment including heavy duty forklift, rough terrain forklift, telescopic forklift, furnace-charging vehicle & furnace-tending vehicle, crane forklift, container reach stacker, etc.

2. construction machinery including wheel excavator, wheel loader, etc.

3. new energy strategic direction products including lithium battery electric crawler excavator/wheel loader, lithium battery electric wheel loader, lithium battery electric heavy duty forklift. 

SOCMA factory

Located in Fujian Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, with an area of more than 40,000 square meters.

The company R&D team has more 35 technicians who have profound experience. Through cooperation with the Fujian Academy of Engineering, the Quanzhou Equipment Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Fujian Special Equipment Inspection Institute, and the Huaqiao University Industry-University-Research Cooperation, the company accelerates its products. The pace of research and development and upgrading has provided a strong technical backing for opening up domestic and foreign markets.

SOCMA R&D team

The company has 5 invention patents, more than 90 utility model patents, and 5 appearance patents. At present, the patented technology has been transformed into product achievements, and the achievement conversion rate has reached 100%.

The company obtained the "Special Equipment Manufacturing License" for the internal combustion counterbalanced forklift of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the China Quality Certification Center GB / T19001 quality management system certification.

In 2015, the HNF300A forklift truck won the third prize for scientific and technological progress in Quanzhou City. In 2015 and 2018, SOCMA won the national high-tech enterprise twice.

In 2016, it was included in the “Fujian Science and Technology Little Giant Leading Enterprise Cultivation List” and in 2016 won the Quanzhou Industrial Forklift Engineering Technology Research Center.

Joined the “Weapon and Equipment Procurement Information Network of the Army” in 2017. In 2017, the high-efficiency and energy-saving oil-electric hybrid heavy-duty forklift was included in the 2018 Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Project Plan technical equipment.

The HNBZ8512 telescopic boom furnace-tending vehicle was included in the 2018 Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award recommendation list. In 2018, the HNNTR4015 rotary telescopic boom forklift was included in the list of the first batch of key industrial technology innovation projects in Quanzhou. In October 2018, SOCMA was once again included in the 2018 "Quanzhou Industrial Leading Enterprise" list.

In February 2019, the HNBZ8512 telescopic boom furnace-tending vehicle was awarded the "Top Ten Equipment for Intelligent Manufacturing in Quanzhou".

In March 2019, SOCMA was included in the "Third Batch of Technology-Based SMEs Listed in Fujian Province in 2019".

In April 2019, SOCMA passed the review of the "Quanzhou Expert Workstation". Currently, the expert workstations have been admitted to a group of doctoral and professor-level experts such as Huaqiao University, Fujian Institute of Engineering, Quanzhou Normal University, and Shanghai Yihong. The focus of the first phase of research and development is " "CVT continuously variable transmission", "pure electric excavator and pure electric heavy forklift", the second phase is a range-extended hybrid electric loader.

The new production base of SOCMA was approved as a strategic emerging industry key project of Fujian Province in 2019 on May 13, 2019. The first phase of the project has an investment of 15 million CNY and is scheduled to be put into production in the second half of 2019.

The products of SOCMA have been used in port, mining site, storage, logistics and other heavy cargo loading fields.  The products have been exported to the regions including Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, North America, Europe, besides meeting the demand of domestic market. 

The company’s future strategy is to focus on the R&D and manufacturing of new energy construction and port machineries, and become the first brand of new energy machinery.

Let "SOCMA" become a well-respected international brand.SOCMA HONOR & CERTIFICATE

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