SOCMA HNF-150EL 15T Electric Heavy Duty Forklift



1. Not only does it simply replace the diesel engine with an electric motor, but it also completely optimizes the hydraulic system.

2. Independently develop variable speed and fixed displacement control system, global power matching, on-demand fuel supply, reducing throttling and

Overflow losses.

3. Coordinated control of multiple motors, reasonable matching of motor loads, optimized energy management, and efficient operation; time-sharing

operation, automatic idling shutdown, reducing idling energy consumption of motors and pumps.

4. 608.6V high-voltage solution, reducing current; high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, smart door drive conversion

Speed control, extremely low heat generation, and 20% energy saving compared to asynchronous motors.

5. Regenerate power for various negative loads, and improve the overall energy of the machine based on power lithium battery energy recovery



Main feature: 

1. Economy:

l Low cost of use: The cost of electricity is about 20~30% of the fuel consumption of traditional construction machinery.

l Low maintenance cost: fewer wearing parts, low failure rate, simple maintenance; no need to perform regular maintenance on the diesel engine

Maintenance, oil replacement, three filters, etc., the maintenance cost is more than 50% lower than that of traditional diesel engineering machinery.

2. The battery system is safe, highly efficient, and has a long life. It can be used normally for 8 years and solves the pain points that users are concerned about.

l Use lithium iron phosphate battery, which has good thermal stability and solves the risk of spontaneous combustion or deflagration caused by thermal runaway. It is safe and

The battery performance is substantially improved compared to ternary lithium batteries.

l The lithium iron phosphate battery can be deeply charged and discharged more than 2800 times, and its service life is about that of a ternary lithium battery.

2.5 times, which is 5~10 times that of lead-acid batteries.

l Advanced battery management system (BMS), which detects overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, insulation resistance and battery working conditions.

All-weather real-time safety monitoring of temperature, etc. ensures the safety, efficiency and longevity of each battery pack. 3. Reliable high performance

l Electric vehicle-grade motors and controllers, complete vehicle component status monitoring, electrical system IP67 protection level,

High-quality, mature hydraulic parts and flame-retardant material wires are reliable and durable, and can adapt to harsh working environments.

l Intelligent electronic fan and efficient liquid cooling system prevent overheating protection and shutdown.

l The battery comes with a heating film and can work normally in the environment of -30~+55℃ (-22~131℉).

l The working device is fully electronically controlled, with multi-mode switching, making it safer to transport precise equipment; independent power for walking

Machine-driven, electronic throttle system facilitates various compound action conditions.

4. Strong battery life

l Independently develop the whole machine drive solution and integrated management control system, high-efficiency interval operation, and travel braking

Kinetic energy is recovered and regenerated to generate electricity, significantly reducing power consumption and improving endurance under the same conditions.

l 210 kWh large-capacity lithium battery, SOC charging takes 1 hour and works for 8 hours.

5. Comfortable and environmentally friendly

l Zero emissions and zero pollution: No exhaust emissions during driving and working.

l Low noise: The electric motor emits much less noise than the high-power diesel engine of construction machinery when working.

l Low vibration: The vibration generated by the electric motor is much lower than that of the diesel engine, which significantly improves the driving experience.


l Easy to operate: Intelligent, fully electronic control system reduces labor intensity.

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