SOCMA HNF-150SEL 15t Electric Heavy Duty Forklift


Good for business, great for the environment.

Reducing your emissions shouldn't come at a cost, it should be beneficial to both the environment and your bottom line.

SOCMA's eco-efficient forklifts deliver on both accounts. They are just as powerful and efficient as diesel models without producing any harmful emissions. In fact, they produce zero emissions at source, which will help you substantially cut your fuel bills, while improving your environmental credentials. 

It pays to go green.

With our electric forklifts, you will benefit from reduced fuel costs, spending up to 50% less on servicing - as electric machines have fewer moving parts - and longer service intervals, both helping to maximize machine availability. Even though electric forklifts cost a little more than diesel models, the payback period is only two years. After this time, the savings really start to add up. 

Efficient and productive.

Buying an electric forklift doesn’t mean compromising on power, as electric drivelines provide full torque immediately and are smoother to operate. Making operating cycles shorter, driving up your operational productivity. With extended servicing cycles and improved diagnostic tools, your machine will benefit from higher availability rates than diesel alternatives.

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