SOCMA HNL-18EL 1.8t Electric Wheel Loader


Main Features:

1, Equip with a lithium battery made by CATL, the product has features of energy saving and environmental protection, and the power system is optimized to meet the requirements of highly efficient operation.

2, The energy consumption of the whole machine is reduced by the way of recovery of braking energy.

3, The protection grade of the whole machine is IP67, the motor has an eight-year warranty, and the battery can be fully charged and discharged more than 4,000 times, with high reliability and long service life.

4, Hydraulic System

a, Adopt a full hydraulic load sensing steering device, high and low-speed steering performance is consistent, the control is light and flexible,  good performance of linear travel

b, Internal gear pump, priority valve sharing, steering priority, high efficiency in energy saving

c, Equip with Oil radiator and back pressure protection device to the hydraulic system to ensure the thermal balance of the whole machine;

d, Additional driving gearbox with coaxial connection between pump motor and traveling motor, to increase the surging force of the whole machine when shoveling.

5, Using an articulated frame that reduces turning radius, is flexible, and suitable for all operating conditions.

6, Adopt a double rocker arm to reverse six connecting rod mechanisms, that bring big lifting force, strong shovel cutting, and high working efficiency.

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