SOCMA HNL-35EL 3.5t Elctric Wheel Loader


1、 Independently developed special load positive flow control system with variable speed, Global power matching, and on-demand oil supply, reducing throttling and overflow loss.

2、Multi-motor coordinated control, reasonable matching of motor load, optimized energy management, efficient operation; time-sharing, automatic idle stop, reducing the energy consumption of the motor and pump at idle.

 3、618V high voltage solution, reducing electric current; high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, intelligent door drives variable speed control, low heat generation, 20% energy saved than asynchronous motor.

4、All kinds of negative loads are regenerated for power generation, and the energy utilization rate of the whole machine is improved based on the energy recovery of power lithium battery;

5、Renewable power generation for various negative loads, energy recovery based on power lithium batteries, improving energy efficiency of the whole machine.

6、Independent research and development of manual/automatic shift control strategy provides smooth driving, smooth shifting, and strong power.

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